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Welcome | We Are New Jersey Drone School


Our New Jersey based drone school for multi-rotor flight will get you building and flying safely in a short amount of time. We offer flight training one-on-one & group lessons and will teach you to build your own multi-rotor. Give us a call or shoot us a email and will help you get started!


Do you love to fly your drone, multi-rotor but hate the building process? We can be of assistance to you. Let us do the building of your next multi-rotor. From building to set-up we are a full service.


We want every student to learn and be a safe pilot. So we care to teach you the lastest and with the best methods of instruction. We will patiently teach you skills you need to be successful.


With years of R/C experience, NJ Drone School has been building and flying multi-rotors longer than most in the field.  We started out designing and building before multirotors were available mainstream. With so many people diving head first into this hobby the need for help is prevalent and very much needed. We are here to help you become the safest pilot and the most proficient builder that you can be.

Crashed your drone? We do repairs!

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Our team of professionals have years of experience to teach you to not just to fly but fly safely.

Paul Gentile

Paul Gentile


Paul has been building and flying R/C aircraft for over 30 years. With a extensive knowledge in design and CNC to which he uses to design and manufacture his own line of custom parts and aircrafts qualifies him as a expert in this hobby. He flies R/C aircraft from helicopters to giant scale planes. He owns a local hobby shop in Green Brook NJ since 2005 and discussion forums for the promotion of the hobby of R/C. He holds a current FAA 107.

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Training Courses

Trained by Professionals

Welcome to the BEST training school based in central New Jersey. We are a professional training school for Multirotos “drones”. We teach from building to flying and from multirotors to “drone” R/C helicopters and planes.

Classes are max 5 students and we also offer one-on-one instruction or private group instructions. We teach from 9 years of age and up. NO previous knowledge needed.




NJDS classes are held at:

336 RT 22 west
Green Brook NJ 08812
(732) 424-6400
Find us on the map directly below the contact form.

Class Schedule & Other Information

Class Schedule

Our class are one on one or groups to check for days and time availability-   [Contact or call us for availability]




We have 3 instructors on staff with a combined of over 40 years of experience in building and flying. We also offer private group training and can travel to you. Classes are laid back and very friendly, our goal is to get you flying without crashing.

The classes we offer and prices are listed next. We will be taking students ALL YEAR ROUND. So hurry and sign up or get on the waiting list. We can travel to you as well DE,CT,NY,PA.NJ.

Intro & Basic Flying

The Paid $50 Intro includes-

  • Lecture on Multit-rotors
  • Round school Flight instruction
  • Hands on flying on a DJI Phantom 3




DJI Training

Do you own or want to buy a DJI products but want help using and flying them? We will walk you through software updates, proper flying and advanced flying techniques. Whether you have a Phantom , Inspire or any other products we can help.

Our flat rate of instruction for approx 2 hours only – $150.00


The first segment of the training course focuses on understanding the components of DJI Drones. Students will learn about transmitter, LiPo battery safety, gimbals, and the Drone itself. While individual pieces of equipment will be discussed, the focus will be on the way that these parts work in concert.


Properly configuring the software and flight controller on your phantom is one of the most crucial steps in the pre-flight process. The small computer on board the phantom is responsible for thousands of calculations per second. This section will help you understand the important calibration steps in the software, help you to understand the different settings available to you, and how to program your remote with basic features.


The fuel for the drones flight comes in the form of high capacity LiPo batteries. This section will explain all the differences between the batteries that come within your phantom kit as well as different charging practices for each. In addition, this section will go over the safety procedures to use when charging batteries and what to do in the event a LiPo pack fails.


Generating lift, propwash, turbulence, air pressure, and orientation are all important factors that account for your craft in flight. In this section students will learn the principles behind their craft and its ability to fly through the air. Students will also learn about the different modes of flight their craft is capable of and how each mode differs from the rest.


The best drone pilots are safe pilots. DJI Drone owners and operators have an obligation to only fly in safe conditions. But how can one know what is safe or unsafe? In this class, students will learn important safety practices including record keeping, equipment maintenance, and flight plans. You will learn how to use FAA sectional charts, log your drone flights, proper techniques for safety spotters and the use of use of aviation VHF radios.


This section is where the fun begins. Students will leave the classroom environment and take to the sky. Once in the field students will learn the correct procedures for take-off and landing of their craft. The preflight checklist, compass calibration, LED sequences, and important awareness techniques will be covered.

To know how to pilot your Drone you must understand the scientific principles that make flight possible. Knowing what causes lift, drag, turbulence and the physics behind Unmanned Aerial Systems will give students a deeper appreciation for the Drone while also making them significantly better pilots.

After students understand the basics and safety of flying they can begin to think about photography and video with their craft. This section will go over all settings of the Gopro camera, basic shot framing, flight maneuvers, and target tracking. The world of photography is vast and ever expanding. This section will give you a basic understanding of photography and provide you with the tools to continue to improve on your skills.


Classes are held at your convenience just call or email and will schedule your lesson, we also can come to your location. 

Level 1 Building & Flying

We will teach you the basics of  Building, Controlling & Programming a FPV Racing Drone. This is a 5-10 hour course and is a great first step towards learning the basics of this hobby and getting you into FPV Racing. After completing this level, you will have a great understanding in what a FPV Racing drone is all about.

Included in this course is the following:

  • Lecture on basics of the airframe and control systems
  • Battery charging and safety
  • Hands on building instruction
  • Controller computer programming basics
  • (Rental) 250 size quad (RTF), radio and batteries
  • Simulator flying instruction
  • Pre-Flight and Flight instruction
  • Crash insurance- anything happens to any of the equipment your 100% covered.
  • Class is about 5-10 hours and is for 1-2 days (hours depend on number of students)


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The cost for this class is $200.00 includes Rental of Equipment ($50.00). A  25% deposit is due to hold your place. The deposit is 100% refundable. Or you can selection from the options to allow you to purchase your build at a $50.00 discount!



(A) 250 quad- (250 Quad, Motors, ESC, CC3d Controller)- $150.00 (no R/C equipment or battery) + plus $150 for class = $300.00

(B) 250 quad- (250 Quad, Motors, ESC, CC3d Controller, 3-cell 1300 mah lipo battery and R/C equipment)- $250.00 + plus $150 for class = $400.00- (Best options gives you what you need to fly.)



If you are looking for one on one training, we can offer that. Our instructors can give you and help and guidance you need in the “drone” field. please contact us and let us know what your needs are.

Will tailor our lecture to you needs. We will come to you and bring our drones and go over everything that building or flying entails. We can even do live demonstrations of the equipment we use. We offer flying with the DJI Mavic, Inspire and Phantom drones. Typically 2 hours are enough to get most people on the way to drone flying.

Our hour rate is $75.00 

  • Difficulty?

    This class is aimed at all levels, with a moderate amount of soldering, no amount of electronics and some programming. We provide all tools and equipment you need, and can assist with any skills that you need to learn to complete the project. It is strongly recommended to have flight time on simulators (which we show how to set up using your transmitter) to become used to the controls.

    On completing construction, you will have a functioning multicopter, capable of Line of Sight flying and ready to be expanded as you see fit for Assisted Sensor flight, Racing, and Photography. You will have gained confidence in flying using a transmitter before taking off.

  • Why build a multicopter/drone instead of grabbing one from the shelves?

    Building one of these will give you great understanding of the amazing array of sensors capable of giving you flight, and an appreciation for the culture of building your own. Understanding these functions will make repairs much easier – all parts are replaceable, and a moderate bump or crash can be easily fixed. Further, you will learn skills that allow you to plan and build upgrades to your drone, and build new drones in the future. Further, the electronics and programming skills developed have a wide range of applications.

    You can choose exactly what purpose your device is, be it racing or landscape photography and there is room on this for expansion in the future. The flight controller software, frame kit and many other parts of the build are open source.

NJDS is dedicated to providing you with safe and professional instruction in which all FAA/AMA guidelines are met. We aim to make your stay with us an enjoyable and educational experience. 
For more info on drones and flying visit Drone Vibes Forums.

Building, Repair, Aerial Services


buildingWe can supply all the components or you can provide them to us. We offer the experience to do it right the first time and can even offer help to learn to fly it. We also offer aerial services, mapping, aerial photograph and other specialized flying.


Our pricing for building  “Drones”  includes building, set-up and test flying:

  • 180-440 Size:  $100.00
  • 450-600 Size:  $200.00
  • 610-990 Size:   $300.00
  • 1000+ Size:  $500.00

Have a broken drone or need to add a upgrade?

We can fix most drone whether it’s your home built or a DJI Phantom we can help. Building one yourself and need some guidance we can help. Need help installing a new gimbal or FPV system we can help. We fix almost every brand.

Custom Building

We can build your custom drones, if you need a drone for any special application we can build it! We have years of custom building experience and do all designing and  machine work in house.

Typical Service Rates Times

Our Labor rate is $70 per hour + parts, 1 hour Minimum. We do not perform warranty work. If you have Warranty work all manufactures have requested that you contact them directly.

We offer repair services for Hobby Shops and online stores.



We strive to get your Drone repair done ASAP, but with the amount of repairs we do and the nature of the personalized care we give, 24 hr turnaround is not possible. So please be aware that 2 days to 3 weeks is our usual turnaround time. “We know it just needs” statement but seldom is that the case, “drone” are complicated machines and require professional service which we provide from over 30 years in the hobby.  



We carry all the name brands and can even design and build custom designs. We can repair most name brand drones, and carry most parts. From DJI to Walkera we can fix your broken or in need of update drone. Call or stop by.

We Operate out of 3DXhobbies store front, our walk-in hours are-

  • Sunday – Closed
  • Monday – Closed
  • Tuesday- 1pm to 6pm
  • Wednesday – Closed
  • Thursday – 1pm to 6pm
  • Friday – Closed
  • Saturday – Closed “Open just for training”  


Aerial Photography and Mapping

Aerial mapping solutions allow our customer’s to receive high-definition and timely delivered topographic maps (AutoCAD, etc.), Google Earth layers, and orthomosaic maps. Instead of waiting for weeks for a traditional ground survey results, or relying on outdated public aerial maps, our customers benefit from our real-time, high-definition, actionable data.

Our Customers:

  • Construction (excavation and cut/fill, roadway, civil engineers, scouting/development, etc.)
  • Farmers and Ranchers
  • Cultural Resource Management
  • Utilities
  • Energy
  • Erosion Control




Not the ``first`` but we are the Best!

schoolOur instructors are R/C pilots who have years of experience in building and flying. From the giant scale to the smaller crafts, when it comes to multirotors we design and built them from the ground up. In addition to running a successful aerial photography company (Skyvueap) New Jersey Drone School has the flight training experience to take you to whatever level you want. Our school takes a personal interest in all students’ flying & building success. It is our passion to see you succeed.

We Focus on how to Build, Control, & Program a Drone/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle’s (UAV). Along with the Hobby and Recreational purposes, UAV operations are about to be integrated into US airspace by the FAA, and have a major commercial impact.

The potential commercial uses of UAV are enormous, to include remote sensing of the atmosphere, disaster response, weather forecasting, scientific research; agricultural survey of crops, soils, and livestock; crop dusting, wildfire surveillance, wildlife surveys, power line and pipeline survey, industrial security; oil, gas, and mineral exploration; payload transport, search and rescue, and aerial photography for fields like real estate, construction, film and entertainment industry, and accident investigation.

We use nothing but QUALITY equipment for teaching. Through your course of instruction, you’ll learn skills that will ultimately help you continue in the hobby on a professional level without missing a beat.

Give us a call or stop on by and lets talk about getting you the training to get out there and enjoy this great hobby of Drone flying!


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Hours of operation:

School is by appointment only Sunday to Saturday

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